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Friday, October 15, 2004

Just A Quick Post,
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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Rant 1

Hey, just chillin on the internet before another stupidly boring introductory lecture. Just enough time to tell a few things of what random stuff I've been up to.
This blogg is just my outlet for randomness that I come up with. Posts for rants, reviews, ideas and infomation that I think people should know.
For thoughts who don't know me and have randomly found their self here whilst surfing the net, I Dominic Owen Moss a Student at Leicester University, Enlgand (at the mo. Am in my final year) for more info look in the personal info bit.
Hopefully, if can get it working, some pictures, mp3's, videos and allsorts of things going on that are cool, funky, interesting, or just weird. I will be reviewing gigs and CD's for the leicester uni student radio so I hopefully will post them up here as well as the radio link as soon as the lush FM website is online.

Shaped By Fate -
Went to there gig last nite at the attik and it was amazing. For all you in leicester who didn't manage to come you missed out big time! Proper Metalcore and lots of pitting frenzy. They where also supported by Indiffrence who impressed me as they sound better live than on record. For Anyone who want of check out shaped by fate though there are mp3 here -http://www.purevolume.com/shapedbyfate

To Much Alcohol -
contary to popular belief it possible to dink 2 much of this in a short period of time as by bank account is hurting now so will have to detox for a few weeks as freshers weeks have taken there toll and being drunk 13 day out of 14 is not the best.

So Many Gig's -
If you have sleep though the last few weeks you wont have realized that the Charlotte has got it arse into gear after a shocking bad year for live music that was last year and there is so many good gigs going on this term. Cream of the crop being Hell is for Heroes with Aereogramme, Hundred Reasons with Reuben and just Confirmed From Autumn To Ashes on the Vagrant Records Tour so get yourself a Charlotte flyer or go to for the listings;

Loans -
As everyone knows now loads of the loans are late due to another government fuck up (I'm sure they really don't think about students anymore) in trying to privatized the loans company and, as with most of the privitasation that government's have introduced in the last few years, it has all gone wrong and it could be febuary before some people get the loans. So just hold in there those of you who have not got your loan yet and just remember the students when the next election comes around.

Something to cheer you all up -
The original Eddie Izzard Stand Up videos have been finally relased on DVD with the brilliant glorious finally making it on to DVD!
For Those who HAVE their loan or a job go here - http://www.play.com/play247.asp?source=675&page=title&Cur=257&r=R2&title=479440
For Those who DON'T HAVE their loan or a job go here - http://www.play.com/play247.asp?source=675&page=title&Cur=257&r=R2&title=184286
Play.com is a little better than amazon as it has free delivery!

Enough ranting for now just enough time to put my weekly playlist on the top 5/10 songs on my stereo/mp3 player this week -

Playlist -
1.Glitter and Trauma (Album Version) - Biffy Clyro - An Inspired Into to the New Album
2.Turn To Dusk - Shaped By Fate - See Above
3.Lip Gloss And Black - Atreyu
4. Try, Pt. 2 - 27 - Found the Let The Light In EP for 50p in rockaboom, bargain!
5.Black Cloud - Converge

Dom (Head of the Monkey Mafia)